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Designer (UX, UI)


Site Setup






The acting industry today is extremely competitive, and it’s difficult to gain recognition when you’re just starting.  Voice Actor Landis Bates would say the same, which is why he decided that he needed a website to showcase his voice talents.  

The Problem


Landis originally created a website, but it had some issues.  It was:

Difficult to navigate.  How would recruiters find what they were looking for?

Felt overwhelming to look at.  There was a lot going on.

His demos were not easily accessible, when they are the most important part.

The language through the site was vague.  What exactly does "Order Now" entail for a voice?

Contained pages of pure text.  Nobody has the time to read all of it if they are just trying to sample a voice.

The UI was not at all reflective of his personality or voice.

Overall, the site did not showcase his voice and was too complicated for recruiters to navigate quickly.



Since Landis has no coding background nor the time to learn it, I had to make sure that the site was easy to maintain.  Thus, we settled on using Wix to host it- a website builder renown for being intuitive.



I scheduled several meetings with Landis.  We:

Established goals for the site

Verbalized his skill set

Created a brand that is right for his voice

Researched his target audience - recruiters for projects

Outlined exactly what the site needed to contain

I created wireframes based on our conversations.

I then created a site on Wix as similar to the wireframes as possible.



Landis's voice is deep, but flexible and comforting.  It tends to remind people of something warm, or smooth and sophisticated, like whiskey.  I stuck to earthy tones, with highlights of orange to accentuate primary buttons and other interactions.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 12.20.46



The final project used an earthy color palette that matched his unique voice, and showcased demos on the front page.  The mobile version is equally accessible and easy to use.  The site was very well received and shared by everyone who took a look at it.  Visit the website here.