Hi, I'm Tamara Sabbagh

Passionate UX Designer & chaser of ridiculous learning curves

Welcome to my portfolio.

Portfolio created for Voice Actor Landis Bates


An API marketplace built to connect smart contracts with data inputs and providers.

An app created during Columbus Startup Weekend


An activity created for the Ohio State University's Museum of Biological Diversity's 2018 Open House.


About Me

I graduated from the Ohio State University with a BFA in Art & Technology.  Each of my projects revolved around the audience, and making the audience see and feel what was intended.  I feel that this communication prepared me well for UX and all the challenges it possesses.

I see all around me how technology could make lives easier, but their interfaces are simply too complicated for the average user.  I aim to reduce these learning curve barriers for users, so that they can enjoy everything the product has to offer.  Personally, I love challenges and learning curves. I am detail-oriented, and thoroughly enjoy the process of bringing ideas to life

When I am not designing, I love spending time with my dog, cooking, and being outside.

If you'd like to see my art, click here.